"Hinsehen und Helfen e.V." are launching an aid project for very poor regions in southern Romania this year before Christmas called "Nikolauskonvoi".

With our convoy we want to spend a little joy, essentially to children and adolescents, because although Romania is part of the EU, especially in rural regions can still be found dreadful poverty. For so many children there, these Christmas-package is the only present they will receive.

Therefore, we bring your donations and Christmas packets directly to those who need it the most. We act as an charitable, non-profit organisation without any  administrative expense. Each cent will arrive certainly!

When does the convoy start?

The "Nikolauskonvoi" is going to start on Friday, 1st of December in Germany and will reach the destination area on Saturday, 2nd of December. Our volunteers are then going to distribute Christmas packages and relief supplies in Craiova and the surrounding area for a week. The convoy will return to Germany on 9th of December.

About the route

The first part of the convoy is going to start from Marktheidenfeld, near Würzburg, where a main collecting point is located at the company Cummins (A).

Next station is going to be Burgau, near Ulm, which is approx. 250 km away.

In the customers' center of the company ROMA (B) is the second main collecting point located.

The convoy is going to be united there and continue its journey to Romania through Austria and Hungary.

The "Nikolauskonvoi" wil approx. need 30 hours for the 1500 km route from Klein-Kötz to Craiova (C).

About the destination area

Our destination area is the city Craiova in southern Romania.

From there, our volunteers are going to distribute Christmas packages to schools, kindergartens, orphanages and parishes.

Also, relief supplies (food, furniture, ...) will be given to institutions where they are needed.

In the rural region around Craiova, there are numerous hardly accessible villages. We are also going to distribute packages and food directly to poor families there.

Support on site?

We have many voluntary supporters in Romania who show us where our help is needed the most.

Only with the support of the local population, our help can  be rendered where it's really necessarry.

Numerous supporters from the destination area accompany our daily distribution tours in the surrounding region of Craiova.

They also help with translations in the institutions we visit.

Any further questions about the "Nikolauskonvoi"?

Got any further questions about our campaign? Feel free to contact us, we'll answer your questions with pleasure.

Support the "Nikolauskonvoi"!

An aid project such as the "Nikolauskonvoi" of course depends on a lot of support.

There are numerous opportunities for you to support the convoy:

Fill a package

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Fill one or more Christmas packages for poor children in Romania.

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Your donation helps!

Donate now!

Support us with a donation of money and help making the "Nikolauskonvoi" possible!

Collecting points for your package

Collecting points

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We already say "Thank you!" for your help and support!