Support us! Fill a Christmas package

"Nikolauskonvoi" will bring YOUR package to Craiova, in southern Romania.

There, our team is going to distribute the Christmas packages to kindergartens, schools, orphanages or families in need.

For many children, this is the only present they will receive for Christmas.

Everyone can help! Fill a Christmas package and give a little joy to children in need.

What kinds of Christmas packages are needed?

What kinds of Christmas packages are needed?

Christmas packages can be filled for different age groups.

There are five categories: Baby / 2-5 years / 6-9 years / 10-12 years / 13-17 years (Teenager) / Adult

Filled packages, marked with a label, can be submitted until 16/11/2018 to our collecting points.

Download label as JPG-file

What contents are recommended for Christmas packages?


You can put basically everything in a package, that's appropriate for the various age group.

New or second-hand toys, small clothing pieces or accessoires, sweets, school articles, colouring books, pencils, hygiene articles, etc.

The picture shows examples for possible package contents:

If you have got any questions about package contents, feel free to ask us. We'll be pleased to help you.

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