Food & relief supplies

In addition to the Christmas packages for children, we also collect and transport food donations and relief supplies to Romania.

Those will be given to poor families and institutions, such as schools, kindergartens, orphanages or hospitals.


Please mind the following advices for food donations:

What kind of food should be donated?

Only durable, non-perishable food such as:

- Flour, cornmeal, sugar, pasta, rice, etc.

- All kinds of food in cans

- Sweets (cookies, chocolates, jelly, etc.)


What kind of food is not recommended?

Fresh and / or open food products should basically not be donated.

These include: fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, milk, cheese, unpackaged meat and sausages, bakery products.

Various utility items

Furthermore, we collect and transport various of other relief supplies that are useful for everyday life.

Of course, those have to be fully operative.

Utility items:

- Bicycles for children and adults

- Tricycles, baby carriages, etc.

- Wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, etc.



Due to import and customs regulations, only new clothes can be accepted.

We are not allowed to import used clothes to Romania and therefore can not be accepted at our collection points!