For best success of our campaign it's important to build up as many collecting points as possible in different regions where packages and donations can be submitted.

We are very pleased if you want to support us with a further collecting point.

Find all information here ... Afterwards you can register a new collecting point.

We already say "Thank you!" for your help and support!


Who can build up a collecting point and collect relief supplies, packages and food donations?

Everyone can!

How can I build up a collecting point?

You can register a new collecting point by filling in the formular at the end of this page and sending it off.

A member of our organisation team will contact you as soon as possible and clear up the further details.

What are the requirements for a collecting point?

In general, there are no particular requirements.

It's just necessary to have enough storage space available and the opportunity to receive packages at certain times.

Which business hours are provided for a colleting point?

The opening times may vary individually, without any guidelines.

Everything is possible from one hour to one day a week to several hours a day.

Are the collected packages going to be picked up or will I have to transport them to one of the main collecting points?

Of course, it's possible for us to pick up all the collected donations from every station at the end of the term.

A pick-up can  be carried out by appointment at any time, for example, if there is no more storage space available.

Are there any costs caused by the operation of a collecting point?

No, it will definitely not cause any financial expenses for you.


If you want to build up a collecting point outside of Germany please get in CONTACT with us.